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2010 Holiday Special

November 28, 2010

Holiday Special!

To encourage folks to think of “Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me” as a holiday gift this season, I’ve recorded a homespun 4-song demo of songs used in Looney Tunes but not on the album. If you download the album from Bandcamp then use Bandcamp’s tool to tweet that you did so, I’ll give you a download code to download this exclusive EP. Just point me to the tweet (I’m @may_gun on Twitter). If you’re not on Twitter, post it to Facebook or write an album review on iTunes or Amazonor Last.fm or Pandora. If you show me you’re helping to get the word out about my album, you’re eligible.  You can contact me via Twitter or Facebook orReverbNation. I’ll run the promotion until 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on January 6, 2011.

Remember, more of the purchase price goes to the artist when you buy via Bandcamp than by iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, or any other purchase method. Plus you *always* get a bonus (non-WB) track with your “Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me” download anyway!

P. S. I asked Bandcamp if they have a way to gift albums yet and they do not. So if you’re wanting to keep this a surprise for someone, you’re going to have to download it for them and burn it to CD or download it onto their MP3 player when they’re not looking…

P. P. S. If you’ve already bought my album, I’m grateful! Just contact me via Twitter or Facebook or ReverbNation with some proof that you’ve bought it and you’ll get a download code, too.